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Development in telehealth, which refers to the many ways healthcare providers interact with their patients remotely, has pushed the boundaries of traditional healthcare. Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services via information and communication technologies (ICTs) over both long and short distances. It is a broad term that literally means healing at a distance. Telehealth is a medium to deliver more efficient and patient-centered healthcare services to those who face physical and financial barriers to accessing quality healthcare support. It is one of the many areas where ICT is supporting healthcare. Technologies for the delivery of Telehealth are increasingly well-established and diverse. Telehealth not only incorporates telemedicine but also goes beyond traditional healthcare systems with additional indirect benefits.

Telehealth integrates telecommunication systems into the practice of protecting and promoting health. It utilizes smartphones and other mobile technologies to support healthcare. Through mobile applications and user-friendly websites, healthcare providers and insurance companies can reach their patients via a more convenient medium while also providing services or care to those who may otherwise be too busy for an in-office appointment.


This is where Sirach Health & Wellness steps in. As Chief Operating Officer at Sirach, we ensure every individual has access to healthcare through the use of mobile kiosks at various locations within the United States and Canada through a low-cost subscription. The mobile kiosks are like virtual visits that take place between licensed healthcare experts and their patients via communications technology that are HIPAA-compliant and FDA-approved.


Telehealth virtual care visits give patients the advantage of making appointments online, fast check-ins, remote monitoring, and more. Patients are becoming more engaged in healthcare through mobile visits, visual representation of test results, treatments, and have their medical needs addressed without any physical visits to the offices.

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