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Good editing is the key to good writing. Editing is what separates underwhelming, incorrectly punctuated, hastily written work from a best-selling, critically acclaimed novel. Writing becomes near perfect by writing.


The time dedicated to editing and refining will turn a first draft into a second, and then into a third. The biggest mistake you can make as a writer is to assume that what you wrote the first time was good enough. Keep in mind there is no limit to the number of drafts and remember that perfection is a thing. Perfection is your vision for your work—your final production of something great.


At FLuidity, we offer three levels of editing:


  • Developmental Editing—Developmental editing is, by far, the most intense and requires the most time and effort for review and completion. This level of editing reviews the storyline or plot of your story to ensure the big picture is vivid and all other elements connect succinctly to it. Self-editing cannot compare to this type of professional editing. Investing in developmental editing will guarantee your finished product is worthy of the time and serious effort you dedicated to writing it.


  • Copy Editing—Copy editing is the next step to preparing your work for publishing. This process will hone in on your grammar, word usage, punctuation, and other elements of writing. Rewrites of your work may be necessary to refine and address any issues with syntax, repetition, slang, and to ensure the style of your work aligns with the publication. Copy editing is not as intense as developmental editing, but it is just as important.


  • Proofing— Proofing focuses on typographical errors, minor text, and formatting errors. This is the final step of the editing process before your book is sent to publishing.


No matter which stage of the editing process you are in, we can help with expert and honest advice for your work. We are published authors who have arrived at and survived the dreaded (but necessary) editing floor.

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