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No matter where you are in the writing process—brainstorming, researching, drafting, or revising, you may have the skills necessary to write your own manuscript. However, it is possible to know your story and not know how to introduce it. Not all writers need to enlist the assistance of a ghostwriter, and we believe in encouraging and supporting our clients in the best way that makes the most sense for them.


A writing consultant will help you to think creatively and explain the process of writing by providing meaningful feedback to make it easier for you to complete the first draft. As consultants, we will use current and best practices to help writers consider how they might construct or revise their writing. We ask questions to help you clarify your focus, organize your writing, and support your ideas.


The advantage to working with us is we possess intimate knowledge of multiple writing styles, such as academic, creative, and technical. We are also certified and educated in both professional writing and ghostwriting, which are skills that are beneficial to providing the type of holistic knowledge necessary to create a clear and robust work of art. At FLuidity, our goal is to help writers become better writers, not to help us—as consultants—become better editors.


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