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The pen to your paper…


My name is Lynn, and I am a writer and healthcare consultant. Reading

has always been my first love. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the words

strung together on the page, and if written well, created a world of fantasies

and possibilities. Reading turned into writing (by the way, I never trust a

writer who doesn’t read), and writing became therapy. It provided an

escape from reality that was saturated with too much of the world and not

enough of me. Writing was and is cathartic and a sense of wellness for me

with no optionality to the contrary.


I wrote and published my first eponymous book, Guilty Stains: From Pain

to Deliverance, How He Erased the Stains, in 2018. It is 161 pages of pain

that became a platform because my audience showed me exactly who

they were, and they wanted more… more in the form of their own platform to tell their own stories, write their own narratives. Because of them, I opened the doors to FLuidity  Writing, LLC. The name represents the motion in writing, and the FL in FLuidity is capitalized to represent my home state of Florida. The color palette is turquoise blue to represent the water that surrounds “home,” and red is my favorite color, though that was not always the case.


When I started my business, I was also serving in a leadership role at a healthcare organization and had been for nearly fifteen years. I attended a conference, and a woman who was sitting at my table began discussing how her network of healthcare facilities in California was at risk of closing because, from a revenue perspective, they did not have the tools to rebuild their revenue cycle process. I asked her about payor contracting and credentialing. They did not have those processes in place. She and I met several times over the course of six months, and what started as a conversation at a conference turned into a major extension to my business, which is now named, FLuidity Writing and Healthcare Consulting. I now partner with healthcare organizations in Arizona, California, South Dakota, and Texas to help them achieve their highest potential and best outcomes at the lowest cost through preparation, protection, and prevention strategies.


I have also been selected as the Chief Operating Officer for Sirach Health & Wellness. Sirach’s aim is to be the premier health and wellness center of choice for physicians, employees, and shareholders by providing essential, high-quality, patient-centered healthcare within the communities it serves. We provide mobile kiosks to remote locations to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to underserved populations. Click here to learn more about Sirach’s mission share the link with other organizations who may benefit from having a kiosk placed within their organization.


When we experience pain, there doesn’t seem to be any purpose for it in the moment. Singers have been told to write and release their pain through song, their art form. Writers must do the same. I could never have known my pain would bring me to this level of brevity and clarity. Since writing my book, I attained highest distinction honors with a Master of Arts in Professional Writing and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration.


You honor me by trusting me with your stories and your healthcare options. I do not take your choice lightly or for granted. Thank you.

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