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What happens to you also happens for you. This lesson is like writing the first draft of a book. It has no color, no life, no real meaning, just words. When that final draft is complete, and just before the ink dries, the colors of the words become vibrant. The lesson starts to take shape. Each word develops like a photograph coming into view.


This lesson describes traumatic events of a young girl, wounded by life experiences, seeing the color of the world through the hands, eyes, ears, and voices of people and places, things outside of her control. Through eyes of molestation, betrayal, and divorce, she became all too familiar with isolation and distrust. This lesson is my story.


God revealed to me that I had lived in the shadow of someone else’s narrative long enough. I wrote my own narrative, my truth, the way I saw it, and the way I lived it. I wrote Guilty Stains; From Pain to Deliverance, How He Erased the Stains and released it in 2018. When my life was taking so many sharp turns that left me in a state of persistent disarray and unbelief, I thought there was no way there could be a greater purpose in it or for it. There could be no lesson in being sexually molested from the innocent age of six years old—no way. As I began to write my story, though, with every written word, the pain of remembrance was slowly cleansing my soul.


After my book was published and released, I quickly understood my assignment. My pain had purpose and that purpose became my platform. My story was your story. My story empowered you to share your own, despite the consequences. Our pain is never our own; it is meant to be shared. FLuidity Content Writing and Healthcare Consulting grew out of my pain, and I am now a successful business owner managing a company helping you to write your story.


I invite you to click on the book below to purchase your personalized copy of my story to learn more about me and how I overcame remarkable odds to step into a lifetime of opportunities.


“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” ~ Wayne W. Dyer

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