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Volume 2  Issue 3

“Are professional writers and ghostwriters created equal?”


Writers are not created equal. There are many variations of writing styles based on the type of content being written. When someone communicates ideas in writing, they usually do so to express themselves, inform their reader(s), to persuade an audience or to create a literary work.


There is a large scale and scope of writers in this creative and innovative industry. It can be daunting and just as confusing finding the right person who can not only see your vision, but who also has the skills necessary to help manifest your vision.

When I opened the doors to my business in 2018, I started as a content writer, which is why I named my business, FLuidity Content Writing. My focus was on attracting a loyal audience by writing content that would build strong partnerships with my clients that would prompt them to lend their voices to promote my business through word-of-mouth marketing. I wrote everything from blog posts, featured articles, social media and web content, and resumes. Word-of-mouth marketing from loyal clients is the reason for my business growth.


As my company grew, I realized there was a need to include healthcare contract writing and negotiating, as well as ghostwriting, into my business model. As a result, the former business name no longer aligned with my vision, so I changed the name to FLuidity Writing Services.


My website,, features professional writing and ghostwriting, separately. That is strategic because ghostwriting has become a niche on its own, and while elements of professional writing are not exclusive of ghostwriting, I believe the two should stand on their own.

When I was working toward my master’s degree in professional writing, the focus was on writing refined, detailed work that was targeted and specific, such as grant writing, press releases, requests for proposals, and business reports. This type of writing allows room for education and is much like persuasive writing in that it is often written to influence or to convince the reader of something.  


Ghostwriting is a powerful means of completing a written work when time may be an issue, or someone lacks the skillset or discipline to write, or there is a desire to author a work without having to write it. These are just some of the reasons ghostwriting exists and why it has become paramount in the creative world of writing.


While professional writers and ghostwriters are not created equal, the holder of either title can hold the pen to write your vision “write.” They will understand your voice and will help you write it.

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