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Volume 1 Issue 5


September marks many signs of change. The seasons change from summer to fall. The leaves begin to bid farewell to the branches from which they grew, some bearing buds that bloom to flowers, while others simply provide foliage that helps to sustain life. Schools reopen ready to receive children of all ages, some happy (others not so much). And the musical group, Earth, Wind, & Fire, even belted out popular lyrics about changin’ in their well-known song, “September,” singing:


Do you remember?
The 21st night of September?
Love was changin' the minds of pretenders.
While chasin' the clouds away.


I’m not certain why that day in September was so important to them, but it is important to me for many reasons, namely the month of my father’s and my birth month. He passed away when I was barely school age and have very few memories of him, and yet, those memories of him, especially on his birth date, nudges me to think about change in a different way.


This September, I wrote a note in my journal to check myself. I wrote:


Time for some tough love here, Lynn.

Really, what is keeping you from…

Making that quantum change in your life that you know will transform everything.

September is here to remind you there’s always a “new” leader ready to awaken.

Don’t wait around for tomorrow or “someday.”

Tomorrow and “someday” never arrive. They don't.

Every day is a TODAY. Nope, no tomorrow. Only “todays.”

I know you've thought about it.

I know you really want it.

What will you do about it?

Imagine your life two years from now if you start TODAY to make changes because... 

Change is all around you.

Say “yes” to the new opportunities, no second-guessing…

But always remain hopeful for the promises of today, not someday because…

There is no such thing.


This journal entry is my road map to change until next September when a new road map will take its place. I encourage you to step out of fear and embrace failure because success is just on the other side.

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