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What is a Ghostwriter?

Give us a word. We will give you a sentence. Together, we will write your story.


Ghostwriters are actors of a different sort. No, we don’t float on stage accepting an award for Best Writer in a Motion Picture or land on the New York Times best sellers’ list when writing for our clients. Why? Because our skillset is geared toward using the author’s voice and vision to write published or posted text that will never be credited to the ghostwriter.


Ghostwriting is a powerful way to get content written when you don’t have the time, talent, or desire to do it yourself. Whether you’re interested in publishing a book or just want more high-quality content for your website, hiring a ghostwriter may be ideal for you. Ghostwriters do not get a byline or receive an author credit; in fact, many times someone else’s name appears as the author of the content. In exchange for credit, the person doing the writing typically receives monetary compensation.


Ghostwriters can offer several benefits for you or your organization. Here are just a few reasons someone might choose to use a ghostwriter:


  • You are already a successful author or writer with little time to write. Someone who already has a recognized name in the niche, or a particular genre may need help keeping up with demands for content. You can partner with FLuidity to keep your content production at scale when other tasks are consuming your time.

  • Sharing your vision if you do not write well. If you’re an expert or professional in a particular niche with knowledge to share, ghostwriters can help you do that if you are not great with the written word. You will consult with our team to prepare an outline to get your story or message before committing it to paper.

  • Creating lots of content for your brand. Not all ghostwritten work gets an author byline stamped on it. Many companies publish blogs, articles, and other content from the brand as a whole and not a single person. Ghostwriters are ideal for online content marketing and branding, which may require that you publish dozens or even hundreds of pieces a week or month.

  • You do not have the exact expertise. In some cases, the ghostwriter is actually the one with the knowledge. For example, someone who is a chef may want to launch a coaching business for rising restauranteurs. They come up with an idea to provide a white paper on legal issues for restaurants as a lead generation tool, but they are not a legal expert. They might hire a ghostwriter who has both restaurant and legal expertise to draft the white paper. FLuidity has ghostwriters with expertise in healthcare, academia, military, entrepreneurial, strategic planning, research, policy development, and some legal expertise that would be ideal for projects related to these areas.


Your "one stop shop"

FLuidity has a team of ghostwriters who have written works across many genres, to include children’s book series, science fiction, autobiographies, biographies, historical, academic, and more. What sets us apart from other ghostwriters is our extensive experience in professional writing and copywriting, so no matter the content that is needed, we can offer you a collection of combined skillsets to meet your needs. We also conduct in-house editing and publishing so we can care for your project from start to finish. We are not freelancers because we take enormous pride in our brand.

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